Our Storage Advantages

It's getting out of hand?

You don't have a place for it, you want to keep it safe and still have access to it at any time?
We have an idea...

Centrally located, modern locations

Good Accessibility

Top Infrastructure

Just a few steps to your goal

Easily accessible

Accessible at ground level!

Safe, clean & heated

Everything a good storage needs

Well-lit thanks to LED

Very well-lit and energy-saving

Access 365 days a year

Fair prices

Rent starting at 1.80 € per day

15-day notice period

Easy to plan

Safe storage

24x7 customer support

We are always there for you.

Many years of experience

We know exactly what we are doing.

8000 sq m of storage space

We have enough space for you.

How it works

You can cover your space requirement in just a few steps.

Step 1

Choose a location and select your preferred start date.

Step 2

Determine your space requirement (approx. 10% of your living space).

Step 3

Choose the appropriate storage unit and rent it.

Step 4

Enter your information and get started.

Step 5

Choose your desired payment method.

Step 6

Enjoy your order and cleanliness.

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8000 Area offering in m²
720 Maximum rental area in m²
1000 and more satisfied customers

Additional offers

You have various transportation options available both within and outside of the storage spaces.

Request a transporter

How to store

You can store almost all items as long as no environmental damage or hazards can arise and this is how you store it.

What our customers say

Location 1

Am Mittleren Moos 13, 86167 Augsburg

Office hours
Monday-Friday: 8:30-14:30
Saturday: 8:30am-12:30pm
Access to storage unit

Location 2

Bleichstraße 20, 86153 Augsburg

Access to storage unit
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